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Is Page Speed Killing Your Google Ranking & Frustrating Customers?

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Google has kept a promise it made several years ago: Page speed is now a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm, and is in place for U.S. searchers.

Why Page Speed Matters

The first warning that page speed was on Google’s radar came some time ago, when Google's Matt Cutts said there was “strong lobbying” inside Google to account for site speed as a new ranking factor. Speaking at a conference, Google’s Maile Ohye showed a slide indicating that delays of under a half-second impact business metrics.

In addition to the numerous studies over the years that show Internet users prefer fast pages, Google Fellow Amit Singhal says Google ran its own testing on how users respond to page speed, including experiments on Singhal and Cutts point to a blog post on the Google Research Blog that talked about how Google purposely slowed down its search results to measure the impact on search behavior.

"When we slow our own users down [on], we see less engagement,” Singhal says. Users love fast sites. A faster web is a good thing all around.

How Can Page Speed Be Improved?

There are many ways to improve page speed.  Here's just a few:

1.  Optimize images.  By optimizing images, you reduce the file size of the image and the smaller file downloads and displays more quickly for your user.

2.  Keep images on a web page to a minimum.  The more images, the longer the page takes to download.

3.  Take advantage of tools and options available in Joomla or Wordpress to increase page speed. 

4.  Minimize "bells and whistles."  Animations, movies, slideshows and other web site features can dramatically slow your page loads.  Use them sparingly.

Google ranks page speed on a scale from 0 (worst) to 100 (best).  When we put our expertise to work on the CATWIRED site our page speed rating jumped from 57 to 90.  A 50% increase!  And we can do the same for you.

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