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Google Analytics Top Ten Tips

Tag, Tag, Tag everything! 
If you don’t tag it, you can’t track it.    If you aren’t tracking it, you are losing valuable data.  For example, you can track the number of pdf downloads on your website.  This will tell you if that free White Paper is actually being downloaded by your users.

Be very, very careful with filters. 
If you start filtering your data, and you are not careful, you could destroy all your data!  And it can’t be recovered!

1 – Never touched.  This profile will contain all your raw data, unfiltered and untouched.
2 – Test.  This profile can be used to test filters and will not jeopardize your data.
3 – Primary with Tested Filters.  This is the account you will use regularly.  It will show just the data you want, with tested filters applied. 

Track your internal searches
You can use Google Analytics to track what users are entering into your own web site’s search feature.  Site search is the goldmine of user intent!

Advanced Segments
Advanced Segments allow you to isolate and analyze specific kinds of traffic. For example, you might create a segment that only includes visits from purchasers. You can then browse through your Analytics reports, viewing data only for people who actually made you money.

Track PDF views, Movies, Word document downloads, audio file plays and more in Google Analytics.  For example, you can find out where in that 3 minute video people are losing interest and clicking away from the video. 

Use In Page Analytics
It lets you make a visual assessment of how users interact with your web pages, and helps you answer questions like:

  • Is the layout optimal for what I want users to accomplish on the page?
  • Are my users seeing the content I want them to see?
  • Are my users finding what they're looking for on the page?
  • Are my calls to action motivating or visible enough?
  • What links are users clicking?

Track social media data.
Find out if that link you put on Facebook actually generates website traffic or revenue.

Move to Google's Asynchronous tracking code
Google’s asynchronous tracking code averages a 5% improvement in tracking data, with some sites showing 10 and even 20% improvement in their data. If you use Adwords, it closes in on 100% accuracy with the asynchronous code.

The asynchronous code is faster, and therefore you get better more accurate numbers as to how many people are actually visiting your site.

(not provided) Shown in your reports
(not provided) shows up often in Analytics.  This means that the data gathered was from users Logged In to Google’s network.  For privacy reasons, Google won’t provide detail about those users.


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